3DAgronomics Lawn and Bed Landscape Service

We Give You The Freedom To Choose

At 3DAgronomics we know our clients want a high quality lawn and bed service they can trust. Our clients also want to make sure they are getting the most for thier money....and this is why our clients come back to us over and over. 3DAgronomics is the premier landscape services provider in Orange County and Inland Empire Areas. We provide you access to three unique lawn care programs that are designed to suit the specific needs of our clients. 

What Lawn Care Program Do You Think You Want?

Here are our options at 3dagronomics for lawn care

Our organic lawn care program includes natural sources for plant, mineral and animal products as opposed to the more traditional chemical fertilizers, this makes it safe for you, your family, and your property....even your pets! Our organic lawn care program is a little slower, but it is sustainable over time and will not pollute your project area with heavy chemical salts. Many benefits come from choosing this program such as limiting soil erosion, improving the soils natural defense, structure, and the nutritional sources your lawn uses to stay green.


This program uses both the organic practices and the traditional products to create a dialed in biom for homeowners who do not mind using chem on their lawn. The hybrid plan is effective in weed control, but is still a safe option for people with pets. This program also reduces drought stress and provides nutrition at the same time.


This program is the most cost effective offer we have for lawn care...and its the most fast acting of the three programs. The standard package uses common chemical lawn fertilizers proven to be effective for fast results. This program does not offer the same health protections for the environment if overuse were to occur.

3DAgronomics Lawn & Bed Service
We are the premier lawn care company for Inland Empire and Orange County. Our services range from lawn care to fertilization. Keeping your lawn green and healthy is the job for lawn care experts with years of experience. Call 3DAgronomics today to schdule your regular lawn care service in Orange County and Inland Empire.
Seasonal clean up during fall and spring are pivital times to keep your landscape healthy for the next season. This clean up process is a important part of maintaining the value of your investment. Services include mulching, composting, cleaning, trimming and fertilizing. Call now to schedule your fall or spring clean up session with 3DAgronomics.
Tree work needs to be done by trained arborist. At 3DAgronomics we have the knowledge needed to remove unwanted trees. We also can do installations of new trees as well. Pruning is also a area of need for tree owners and we have that as a service also. If you have a need for tree removal, installation or pruning and care 3DAgronomics has you covered. Give us a call at 951-444-0653
A beautiful green lawn is one of the most important landscape assets any property can possess. In order to keep your grass lush, green, and gorgeous throughout the seasons, you should make sure to schedule regular appointments with 3DAgronomics. We provide turf enhancement services such as dethatching, top dressing, and aeration.
It is so difficult in Southern California to get access to clean soil, non toxic mulch and completed compost that we really value our ability to delivery on all three of these points. Our pricing includes delivery and installation at $285 for 4 cubic yards of almost any mulch, compost or custom soil.

Not everyone has the time to keep his or her garden beds and flower beds in perfect condition all year long, but just because you have a packed schedule doesn't mean you shouldn't be able to enjoy the beauty of nature at your home. This is where 3DAgronomics can help. The bed maintenance services we offer — such as weed control, soil cultivation, edge definition, raking, and flower care target common problems like compacted soil, wilted plants, sloppy edges, and weeds

Our team of landscaping and lawn care experts provides thorough services for our residential clients. We can help you keep your home landscaping gorgeous during the heat of summer, cool of fall and winter, and the growing months of spring. Every one of our services is designed with our customers in mind. This includes our bed maintenance services.